Ideas are what get us up in the morning and stop us from going to bed at night. We get excited and motivated by good ideas. Ideas that are relevant, distinctive, clever, original and inspiring.

Experience has taught us how to approach a brief, to assess an opportunity, how to think, to be our own harshest critic and how to make something happen. It might be a form of communication like an advertisement or a social media campaign, a partnership idea, an event or an initiative, but to work the idea needs to make a difference.

Here are two examples that inspired us when we were starting out.

The HIV virus was prevalent in the 1990s especially amongst sexually active gay groups but using condoms would significantly reduce the likelihood of infection. A campaign was produced to encourage condom usage on a very limited budget but it was clever and enormously effective. A small sticker was produced and placed on one side of a 10p coin.

These were left on the floors of nightclubs with the sticker faced down. When people see a coin on the floor they pick it up. The sticker then quickly became visible. It read “Picking up HIV is as easy as picking up this coin. Wear a condom.”

When British Gas were concerned about gas leaks they needed people to recognise the smell of gas and its dangers, and respond to it. A leaflet drop was organised but the leaflet had a panel that was impregnated with the smell of gas. The headline read “Scratch this panel. If you smell this, call us”

It shows how the medium can contribute to the idea. They were clever, memorable and effective ideas.

Whatever the brief and whatever the circumstances we back ourselves to come up with something creative, that’s on brief, on budget and that works. If you’re struggling with a problem, bored with the way you’re presenting yourselves or would just like a bit of inspiration and excitement, come and talk to us.

Read about our latest idea – a fund raising initiative for fresh water around the 2019 Rugby World Cup – DROP GOAL.

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