Marketing sometimes gets a bad press for being ‘theory at the expense of action’ and that criticism is usually leveled by sales people.

The difference between sales and marketing is simple. Sales is selling what you have. Marketing is producing something that someone needs and satisfying it at the right price, in the right place, at the right time.

To do that effectively demands a strategic approach to assessing the market, the competition and the consumer demand, establishing how your product or service is ‘different and better’ than your competition (the differential advantage) and developing a positioning, sales collateral and a communication campaign that exploits it and achieves your objectives.

We have been pivotal to the success of hundreds of clients with household names, covering just about everything from cars and breakfast cereals to TV stations and bras.

Between us, we’ve masterminded highly effective strategies and produced successful campaigns for products and services that can make you look more beautiful, smell nicer, walk taller and feel healthier.

For things you read, drive, tell the time by, walk over, look at, listen to and eat off.

For things that expand your mind, appeal to your generosity, develop your physique and feed you hunger for knowledge.

For stuff that comes in tanks, cartons, bottles, cans, holes in the wall, boxes, barrels, silver foil, six packs and packets of three.

For organisations that connect you, transport you, employ you, cure you, insure you, inform you, warm you, lighten your darkness and defend your country.

We have even helped launch a new airline and a new city.

If your company or brand needs a fresh approach or you have a problem you need a little help solving then give us a call.